Why you can count on us to deliver

228,940,574 kwh
of energy generated*
86,064,437 kg
of CO2 offset for customers*
183 years old
we’ll be there when you need us

Your land and buildings are your most precious assets and taking care of those is your number 1 priority. In today’s ever changing world we are aware of the pressures agricultural businesses face in managing land and ensuring the long term success for your families and businesses.

Sited appropriately, Solar PV systems can play a valuable role in helping protect your farm or estate from rising energy costs and give you an additional income stream to shield you from the seasonal and market pressures you face.

So if you’ve got agricultural buildings – like grain stores, dairy buildings or barns – or land that is unsuitable for agricultural use, you could turn empty roofs and unproductive land into income streams letting you concentrate on farming and estate management.





Benefits of Solar and Biomass for farms and estates

  • Additional income stream, helping you diversify your business long term
  • Pure investment to maximise yield and available capital expenditure which might be eligible for capital allowances (subject to eligibility and advice from your tax advisor)
  • Gives you control over your energy costs by limiting the costs you pay for electricity on site
  • Boosts your green credentials which you can promote to your customers and look after your families future

What you can expect from us as your preferred installer and service partner

  • Solid track record and expertise in the agricultural sector for over 100 years
  • We know what it means to be there when you need us most
  • We’ll look after your solar or biomass system for you so you can concentrate on the business of farming
  • Expertise from working on thousands of agricultural properties
  • Commitment to health and safety with design and installation to protect you, your family and your clients for the long term
  • All the right accreditation to get the job done properly
  • Funding and payment terms

Next steps – what to think about

  • Can you use your energy on site?
  • How much elecricity do you need?
  • How much heat do you need?
  • We recommend you find this information first.
  • Call us to discuss our Solar PV feasibility packages which are refundable if you go ahead  with a solar installation with us.

*CO2 life estimate = kgs of co2 25 yrs pv and 20 yrs Biomass. Biomass annual heat usage is based on 1316 kwh of heat per system multiplied by the system size. CO2 conversion factors are from energy saving trust website on 16/2/15. PV life estimate is based on 25 year projected life based on year 1 estimate and applying degredation of 0.08%/annum.