Why you can count on us to deliver

228,940,574 kwh
of energy generation*
86,064,437 kg
of CO2 offset for customers*
183 years old
we’ll be there when you need us

Energy is a significant cost for most commercial properties and most feel helpless in knowing how to deal with this. Producing your own energy sustainably will give you back control of your energy and boost your bottom line – for the long term!

Choose Solar PV and optimise the return from your land and commercial property. It’ll save you energy and could even earn you money from feeding energy back to the grid.

Benefits of Solar and Biomass for commercial property

As a pure commercial investment you can find returns in excess of 10% through tapping into the feed in tariff, Carbon Trust Capital Contribution (subject to eligibility) and using your capital allowances (subject to eligibility and advice from your tax advisor)

Manage your everyday energy costs, solar is a long term alternative to the grid and provides a hedge against rising energy prices

If you are planning a new building or wish to lease one to tenants you may require renewable energy to ensure you meet regulations

Look at some of the big household names investing in solar in almost every sector, reaching out to their customers with their tangible Greener credentials

What you can expect from us as your preferred installer and service partner

  • Strong balance sheet with proven longevity
  • Our experience taking care of Business as usual for thousands of clients
  • Depth of experience with the technology and commercial buildings
  • Health and safety culture designing and maintaining systems for long term safe use
  • Proven professional skills and accreditation
  • Access to subsidies as well as funding
  • Fair payment terms

Next steps – what to think about

  • Do you know how you use your energy on site and how much electricity or heating fuel do you buy?
  • We recommend you find this information first.
  • Then contact us for one of our Solar PV feasibility packages which are refundable when you proceed with a Solar PV Installation with us.





*CO2 life estimate = kgs of co2 25 yrs pv and 20 yrs Biomass. Biomass annual heat usage is based on 1316 kwh of heat per system multiplied by the system size. CO2 conversion factors are from energy saving trust website on 16/2/15. PV life estimate is based on 25 year projected life based on year 1 estimate and applying degredation of 0.08%/annum.