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228,940,574 kwh
of energy generated*
86,064,437 kg
of CO2 offset for customers*
183 years old
we’ll be there when you need us

Protecting your equipment means you keep getting the best from it. Our Solar PV and Biomass maintenance plans make sure your investment is in expert hands. With decades of commercial and agricultural energy experience behind our team, we’ll make sure your installation works optimally, and prevent problems before they occur.

Choose one of our maintenance packages to suit you – they’re flexible, so you can change them
with your business needs

The vast majority of investors in Solar PV or Biomass heating are doing so for the first time and often for the
extra income or savings. Also, most customers aren’t experts in energy systems which is why we
have developed a comprehensive range of maintenance packages to take care of them for you
so you can focus on business as usual.

We have over 300 commercial energy systems we monitor and maintain currently, with assets worth £millions, income streams in the £millions and carbon in the megatons

We are able to provide a full range of maintenance solutions for Biomass boilers or Solar PV systems covering planned maintenance and reactive callouts with annual and 5 yearly packages. Our packages can include remote monitoring solutions, reporting, technical back up, fault diagnosis, physical and electrical maintenance checks and cleaning.

Our engineers are extremely experienced in solar and biomass heating technology and because of that we are able to not only service and maintain the systems we installed for customers ourselves but also ones installed by others.

In the last year we have been working with an increasing number of biomass and solar pv customers who own systems which are experiencing problems where their original installer has been unable to fix the problem or have ceased trading. The renewable energy market has been subject to a lot of changes and whilst this has now settled down there are a number of legacy issues which need assistance. We are able to attend site, diagnose faults, propose rectification solutions and correct the system as part of our system adoption process. Once the solar or biomass system is then adopted we will service and maintain it like it were one of our own.

In addition to the standard range of solutions we are also now offering solar panel cleaning to our portfolio, which means we can keep your panels in working order and optimised should there be any build up of dirt or dust on your modules. We have specialist equipment and training to do this to ensure we maintain the integrity of your solar panel manufacturer’s warranty.

With generations of experience in installing and maintaining machinery in our other group businesses
we know the value we can bring by using our technical knowhow, our knowledge of your needs and
what it means to be there when you need T H White most in 5 or 50 years time.

Choose one of our maintenance packages to suit you – they’re designed
to suit your system type, size and communication and interfaces.


They’re designed to
suit your system type,
size and communication
and interfaces.







Green Award winning car dealership benefits from Massive cost savings

Generated in 6 years
Product Solar PV
Industry Automative Sales


Colin Godwin can dry every single grain in his 26,400-tonne grain store without it costing him a penny

Generating profit in 8 years
Product Solar PV
Industry Agriculture


*CO2 life estimate = kgs of co2 25 yrs pv and 20 yrs Biomass. Biomass annual heat usage is based on 1316 kwh of heat per system multiplied by the system size. CO2 conversion factors are from energy saving trust website on 16/2/15. PV life estimate is based on 25 year projected life based on year 1 estimate and applying degredation of 0.08%/annum.