Final speaker line up for Sustainability Conference

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Friday 19th October is getting closer and as we approach the big day we now have a line up of the key speakers for the North Wiltshire Sustainable Business Conference confirmed. The agenda for the day gives businesses in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Avon, Hampshire, Swindon, Bristol, Bath , Somerset and Dorset an opportunity to hear from some of the UKs best experts on sustainability and get advice and tips for how to make a business more sustainable.

There is lunch and networking drinks as well as a packed agenda and throughout the day you can also experience close hand some of the latest low carbon hardware on the market including the Evolt Raption Rapid Charger, a glimpse of the near future of an electric motor vehicle revolution that is taking off.

There is still time to book a place, this link to Eventbrite Alternatively you can contact the organiser at


12.45 Registration

13.00: Welcome from the Chair

13.05 Rt Hon Claire Perry MP, Minister of State for Energy & Clean Growth

13.30: Paul Allen, Zero Carbon Britain & Centre for Alternative Technology:

Responding to climate change

14.00: Dr Dominic Tantram, Founding Partner Terrafiniti:

Building the Business Case for Sustainability

14.30: Refreshment Break

14.45: Colin Curtis, Strategy Director, TBL Services:

Engaging with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

15.15: Dr James Beard, Economic and Social Development Specialist, Mott MacDonald:

Community Investment and Creating Social Value

15.45: Paddy Bradley, Director, Swindon & Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership: Sustainable Business Growth and the Low Carbon Economy

16.15: Refreshment Break

16.30: Sustainable Business in action – examples of what local businesses are doing:

Presentation from T H White, Wavin, Good Energy

17.00: Panel Discussion (with Q&A)

17.30: Closing remarks from the Chair

17.40: Networking drinks and canapes

18.30: Close

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Sustainable conference speaker line up announced

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North Wiltshire Sustainability Conference 19th October – Speaker Line Up announced

Fantastic line up of speakers coming to Chippenham on the 19th October to speak at the North Wiltshire Sustainable Business Conference at Chippenham Town Hall. This is a not for profit, community organised event for regional businesses looking for help and ideas with tackling climate change and sustainability for their business. Tickets are available which can be found here on Eventbrite

Rt Hon Claire Perry MP, Minister of State for Energy & Clean Growth: Keynote address

Paul Allen, Zero Carbon Britain & Centre for Alternative Technology: Responding to climate change

Dr Dominic Tantram, Founding Partner Terrafiniti: Building the Business Case for Sustainability

Colin Curtis, Strategy Director, TBL Services: Engaging with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Dr James Beard, Economic and Social Development Specialist, Mott MacDonald: Community Investment and Creating Social Value

Paddy Bradley, Director, Swindon & Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership: Sustainable Business Growth and the Low Carbon Economy

Sustainable Business in action – examples of what local businesses are doing: Presentations from T H White Energy Fire and Security, Wavin, Good Energy – sharing case studies, exhibiting equipment to bring sustainable action to life

Our own T H WHITE team are sponsoring, exhibiting and speaking at the event, showcasing our work in solar pv, electric vehicle charging and displaying the EVolt range of electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints suitable for businesses including a 22kw Raption rapid charge unit (see below for image)




Official Press Release: Sustainable Business Conference

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The ‘North Wiltshire Sustainable Business Conference’ will take place in Chippenham Town Hall from 1pm and will be opened by local MP Claire Perry, Minister for Energy and Clean Growth.
Described as “A how to guide for responding to environmental and corporate social responsibility challenges,” attendees will hear from a diverse range of sustainability professionals, speaking on climate change, carbon and energy; the UN Sustainable Development Goals; community engagement and how to take a strategic approach to ‘sustainable business’.
The programme also includes a presentation by the Director of the Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership (SWLEP) and case studies on local companies’ CR and sustainable projects and initiatives. Participants will be able to engage with and ask questions of a panel of experts before the conference draws to a close with drinks and networking.
Organised by local voluntary group ‘Chippenham and Villages Environmentalists’ (CAVE), the event is sponsored by Good Energy, TH White Energy, Wavin and the Chippenham BID.
The conference takes place during Green GB week, a landmark week of action to celebrate clean growth and raise understanding of how business and the public can contribute to tackling climate change.
Tickets cost just £20 and registration is through Eventbrite Alternatively you can contact the organiser at

Solar panel cleaning case study

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Solar Panel Cleaning – Your panels are worth it!

Last year T H WHITE launched our cleaning service for clients who own Solar PV installations and we have been asked may times to share the results of jobs we have done to show why it can make a difference. For this particular client the results were great and to coin a phrase from a well known shampoo advert, we do it because your panels are worth it!

The recent clean in July by our team of this 77.7 kwp system delivered an instant result ranging between 15-29% improvement compared to those which were uncleaned. The array was installed in 2011 using Kyocera Solar PV panels.

We have taken a snapshot of the inverter readings during the clean at the halfway mark of our cleaning so you can see the difference between the 50% of the modules which had been cleaned at that point versus the remaining 50% of modules our team were finishing off the same visit. The photos below show the visible difference as well and prove how important it is to keep an eye on this.

For a system this size if left unattended the difference could mean up to 10,000-18,000Kwh a year which is worth £4,000 – £7,500 in feed in tariff payments a year in income recovered. This says loud and clear that solar panel cleaning is definitely worth it!


North Wiltshire Sustainable Business Conference

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Calling all North Wiltshire businesses! There is a major business focused conference in Chippenham happening in October just for you!

On 19th October at the North Wiltshire Sustainable Business Conference, business owners in Chippenham, Corsham, Melksham, Calne and the surrounding area have a golden opportunity to find information, support and funding to help make your businesses greener and cut their running costs at the same time.

The event is hosted by CAVE a local community group with strong involvement in the private and public sector and has attracted a stellar cast of key sponsors, expert speakers and a keynote address from Wiltshire based Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth, Rt Hon Claire Perry MP.

The event suits Wiltshire based businesses who wish to tackle their energy bills and lower their carbon footprint for their buildings and vehicles, with the predicted acceleration of climate change the time to act is now to protect your business.

The event is split into two parts and you will need to book for both if you wish to attend both. Both links are attached to this page for you to follow and book your place online. There are limited spaces to please hurry up and secure a place.


The morning of the 19th is dedicated to a Carbon Trust workshop where Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can book a place to receive practical advice and support in how to tackle their energy problems. The link to book a place at this workshop is found here:

Friday 19th October, 9am-12pm: Carbon Trust (Green Business Fund), SME Energy Efficiency Workshop:


In the afternoon businesses are also invited to book a place at the conference, you can book on the link below:

Friday 19th October, 1pm-6.30pm: North Wiltshire Sustainable Business Conference


The final line up of speakers* is as follows:


Rt Hon Claire Perry MP, Minister of State for Energy & Clean Growth

Paul Allen, Zero Carbon Britain & Centre for Alternative Technology

Dr Dominic Tantram, Founding Partner Terrafiniti

Colin Curtis, Strategy Director, TBL Services

Dr James Beard, Economic and Social Development Specialist, Mott MacDonald

Paddy Bradley, Director, Swindon & Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership

Case study Presentations from

T H White


Good Energy


This is an opportunity for Wiltshire based businesses to see some of the latest technology in battery storage (Tesla Powerwall 2), electric vehicle charging infrastructure (Evolt) showcased alongside case studies of real renewable energy and solar PV projects with experts in attendance to help you get your projects off the ground.

We look forward to seeing you on the 19th.



*The agenda may be subject to change


Carbon Trust Accreditation

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T H WHITE have been awarded prestigious Carbon Trust Certification which recognises excellence in providing specific energy technology to businesses to reduce their overheads and carbon emissions. T H WHITE has been granted this quality certification due to the extensive experience in providing Solar PV to commercial and agricultural properties, specialising in professional installations that support businesses.

The process involves a rigorous technical assessment and means that not only is T H WHITE recognised officially for its special area of expertise but is now also available to offer special funding to clients interested in installing Solar PV.

The new funding is called a capital contribution, qualifying companies can access up to £5,000 towards a Solar PV project and it is eligible for use alongside the feed in tariff. To qualify we can assist clients with applications to the scheme prior to an installation and provided they meet specific criteria and are classified under the scheme as an SME.

There are some forms to fill in, we require copies of your energy bills and the application is then submitted for approval prior to start of works. The capital contribution is paid once you receive a commissioning certificate from us.

If you have a project in mind or one on the back burner you have been thinking about which didn’t stack up before, then it may be worth looking at the numbers again. Please give us a call on 01380 726656 or email for more information


T H WHITE attends Smarter E Europe 2018 Exhibition

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Remaining at the leading edge of renewable energy and smart technology requires insight and exposure to what can be at best a complex supply chain and at worst a melting pot of mixed concepts, products and services. In the UK we have seen a revolution in renewable technology adoption in all sectors and as the market models change the products continue to advance making them viable and competitive with fossil fuels in many cases with no requirement for subsidy support.
This month Energy Fire and Security Division attended the worlds largest show of it’s kind Smarter E Europe 2018 in Munich, Germany. IN attendance were 1.177 exhibitors from 49 countries in eight halls over 86,000 square meters of exhibition space and around 47.000 visitors from 155 countries. The objective was to deepen our insight, stay in touch with new innovation and strengthen partnerships with some of the worlds leading manufacturers.
The event showcased a number of key product areas: Solar PV panel and equipment manufacturers demonstrating resilience and an increased efficiency of panels (5 years ago a 60cell panel would have been around 180-200wp, we can now see a range from 280-330wp and at a much lower investment cost); Battery storage players were there, Powerwall 2 remains the most cost effective per kwp and has the highest power output however other manufacturers are developing their ranges and will catch up in the next couple of years; E-mobility is the biggest change compared to previous shows with the rapid growth of electric vehicles – there were not only chargepoints but also signs of solar players looking at innovative tie ins with solar pv. There were also a wide range of e-vehicles to test drive including e-boats, e-motorbikes, e-vans and batteries you can adapt existing vehicles.
Back in the present, the biggest takeaways from the show were the continued cost effectiveness and relevance for solar PV as a key part of our UK power generating mix. Our team have many years experience and have built some of the biggest rooftop systems in the UK and now maintain many hundreds of systems for clients. Call us on 01380 726656 or email

Electric (EV) charge point

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April saw the installation of the first T H WHITE owned electric vehicle (EV) charge point at its head office in Devizes, Wiltshire.

A dual socket universal charger has been installed, capable of charging the majority of electric vehicles and hybrids and is designed for use on commercial premises. The EV charger has 2 x 7kw smart charging sockets enabling two vehicles to be charged simultaneously and means visitors and staff to our head office can now plug in while they visit to help top up their car or van for their next journey.

The T H WHITE EV charge point comes with a full back office system meaning the power can be purchased via a simple RFID card transaction made possible by a special MID-B energy meter which tracks the energy used and communicates to the provider via the internet. It is IP54 rated for outdoor use and comes with a smart set of bollards and tyre stops to protect the charger from accidental collision.

T H WHITE have selected a dual outlet post which attracts a grant of £300 per socket from the government OLEV grant scheme specifically for workplace chargers (there is also a residential grant scheme as well).

A few fun facts for those of us who are new to electric vehicle chargers: There are 135,000 plug in cars in the UK currently and this figure is growing; a little known fact is that electric vehicle charge points do not charge the vehicle – the vehicle on board computer controls the charge required and requests power from the charger and there are 15,000 public EV charge points in the UK (again growing).

T H WHITE are offering customers supply and installation of a full range of grant funded electric vehicle charge points including domestic products and a range of commercial products including standard and rapid charging units. Contact us on or call 01380 726656.


Feed In Tariff News 2018

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2018 sees the final run in of the feed in tariff in the UK, which is one of the remaining subsidies available to people and businesses who want to invest in renewable energy technology like wind, hydro or solar pv.

Based on the current arrangements the tariff will no longer exist after March 2019 which means anyone still interested in tapping into this subsidy to help you pay for your solar installation will need to get on with it to avoid missing out.

The good news is that solar panel prices have dropped a lot since the feed in tariff was introduced originally in 2010. A 4wkp solar pv system now costs considerably less around £6-7k vs the old prices we used to see of £12-14k. Big price drops can be seen on all scales of solar pv which is why for high users of electricity (i.e. if you install solar and you anticipate using greater than 70% of its generation) you can achieve double digit returns on your investment without a subsidy at all!

This scenario does not apply to all people, so for anyone planning on investing in a new solar array or adding additional solar to their buildings you need to think about tapping into the feed in tariff if you have a lower electrical use in daytime.

What does the future hold for renewable energy subsidies in the UK?

It is difficult to say with any certainty how much renewable energy will be deployed under the current government on certain technologies as there has been support for off shore wind but a mixed effort to support on shore wind and solar in recent times. That said, solar pv cumulative installations are still growing, it is one of the most popular technologies in the UK by a long way and looking at the global picture solar is expected to be the biggest power source in the world for electricity generation in the future. With grow and scale comes better pricing and more research and development and cheaper and more efficient cells. The future will have no subsidy for renewables as they are already proving they are competitive with dirty fossil fuels which are now being phased out.

Should you wait to invest?

Our advise is no, solar is established, affordable and easy to install and one of the most reliable power sources of any kind. We have shown you a picture of our solar generation yesterday at our HQ in Devizes in this article showing we are self sufficient on a day in January. Solar is a powerful tool and cuts your overheads almost immediately, it is also the perfect partner for battery storage which is technology you should watch and think about next.

Contact us on if you have a solar project you wish to develop



Smart Meter for Solar and Battery

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Smart Meters for Solar and Battery


January saw the installation of a new Smart meter which monitors the solar we generate and the power we use at our Energy Fire and Security HQ in real time.

The beauty of this smart meter is that it’s really easy to use, we have connected it to our electricity supply and solar system and can view the information on a web portal and on display in our reception. T H WHITE can now view how self sufficient we are with our new 248kwp solar system, we expect for many days in the year we will be 100% self sufficient and now we can prove it even easier than before.









The data from the smart meter is presented in a nice easy to understand display on screen where you can see exactly how much you are generating and using from either solar or the grid – it gives you a measure of how self sufficient you are at any time. For the real experts you can also attach pyranometers to monitor the available sunlight and compare that to your generation.

Aside from showing self-sufficiency information the data can also build up a picture of what benefit you might be able to get from adding a battery to store power and use it when you need – this could help some solar owners from being partly self-sufficient to 100% self-sufficient and at the very least let you use more of that lovely cheap sunshine to cut your bills!

We are now able to offer this device to all our solar clients and also clients who have no solar but are considering either solar or battery solutions for their properties. For a quote please email or call 01380 726656